Established in 2006, Rose Academy of Ballet has a place for all who appreciate a fun, classical approach to dance training and dance education.

Fall Registration is Open in person, online or both!

Recital Update

Before our city’s mandatory closures, Rose Academy of Ballet’s recital production was in full swing. Due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio unfortunately must cancel the recital. Though we are all very disappointed that things did not go as planned, we are all thankful that our state recovers as time goes by.

Virtual Summer 2020

We are offering online summer camp and a virtual summer semester to keep you moving! We will continue to offer interactive classes with our instructors as mini courses on Zoom. Register for a series of 5 classes at a time and mix mini session styles to keep it fun: jazz, hip hop, modern dance, cheer camp, and ballet!

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register here for online summer camp

Summer 2020 Virtual Semester closings

July 4, 2020