Established in 2006, Rose Academy of Ballet has a place for all who appreciate a fun, classical approach to dance training and dance education.

Fall registration is open in person, online,or both!

Safety Precautions

As we return to the studio, we will be taking many safety precautions to ensure the protection of both our students and staff.

    • Reducing class sizes and allocating dance spaces that are distanced 6 feet apart
    • We will do daily temperature checks for students and staff upon entry while also requiring staff and students to wear masks
    • Spacing class times to allow for parents and students to enter and exit without overlap
    • Sanitizing surfaces between classes as well as frequently cleaning doorknobs and door handles throughout the day and providing hand sanitizer in each studio and in the lobby
    • Level students will be required to bring a hand towel or handkerchief to cover their portion of the ballet barre
    • No prop sharing or hand-holding during classes
    • Bathrooms will be continuously stocked with soap and paper towels, encouraging students and staff to wash hands frequently
    • Parents will drop off students and return at pick up
    • Addressing ventilation solutions
    • To reduce bathroom use, parents please be sure your child has gone to the bathroom before you arrive
    • Request that students come to class dressed and with hair completely done when possible
    • Parents and family members are not allowed to wait inside the building during class time
    • Dance bags will go to an assigned space below where students stand at the barre
    • If your level student has a break between classes, he/she will be assigned a cleaned bench in the lobby distanced 6 feet apart. Students will be supervised while they wait.
    • Make up classes are extended to 5 per semester and can ONLY be made up virtually.
    • When traveling, please be sure to follow quarantine guidelines and notify the school if you have travelled outside the state or are in contact with those in quarantine.

We use resources  and health and safely guidelines from NYS. DOH, and CDC  And we are continuously checking for new updates so that everyone has a safe and healthy experience at Rose Academy of Ballet.

We advise that if any family member, your caregiver, or your child feels ill, or if your child has been in contact with someone who exhibits symptoms of illness,  do not come to class— you can attend or make up the day virtually, using your (5) makeup classes. Also, when recovering, please make sure you are 2 weeks of symptom-free before you return to your dance classes.

We must all work together to keep our studio environment as safe as possible.  We all thank you for your support.