Established in 2006, Rose Academy of Ballet has a place for all who appreciate a fun, classical approach to dance training and dance education.


  • You may switch into a different class at any time pending availability and eligibility.
  • Students must follow the dress code.
  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your class begins.
  • Siblings must be supervised at all times.
  • The studio reserves the right to dismiss a student if deemed a danger to the student body or faculty (in this case, any refund or school credit is up to the discretion of the Rose Academy of Ballet).
  • In the event that you forget your ballet or tap shoes, you may rent a pair from the school (given your size is available)  for $2.00 per day.
  • Students must schedule  make up classes for holidays and closings that fall on your class day. This excludes the following times we are closed:Winter Break, Mid Winter Break, Easter Break, and Spring Break.
  • Spring Dance Concert/Level Students: For the safety of your child and other dancers, students who miss three classes during the spring semester will not be permitted to participate in the performance.


  • Registrants are allowed three (3) make-up classes per enrolled class. This does not include make-ups for scheduled holidays (excluding Winter Break, Mid Winter Break, Easter Break, and Spring Break) Make-up classes must be scheduled and must be completed during the current semester— no exceptions. Please schedule make-ups in advance by giving us a call or e-mail us.
  • If your child is enrolled in any of the following classes: Beginner (6-8), Level I, II, I/II, III, II/III, IV, IV with Pointe, Beginner Tap II (6-8), and Intermediate Tap (8-12) you may schedule a make-up class in EXACTLY the same leveled class during the week pending availability OR if you are unable to come in any of the times we offer classes, you may schedule a make-up in a class that is a level below the class your child is enrolled. There are no refunds offered for any missed classes. No exceptions.
    example 1: If you are enrolled in a Beginner class on Sundays at 12:00pm and are unable to make to the other beginner classes during the week. You may schedule a make-up in a Pre-Ballet class  during the week depending availability. No exceptions.
    example 2: If you are enrolled in a Level IV and Level IV with pointe or one of two classes during the week, you may schedule a make-up in either the beginner or level I, I/II, III, II/III during the week pending availability. No exceptions.

Payments and Refunds & Payment

  • Refund requests must be submitted in writing to Also, refund requests must be submitted in before the start time of the class. No exceptions.
  • Refund Policy applies to tuition only (Registration Fee and recital fees  are non-refundable) and is as follows: 90% after the first class, 70% after the second class, There is no refund after third class. In the event that you are issued a credit, it is valid for one (1) year and may be transferred to a sibling only.
  • There are no refunds or make up classes  for Playgroup.
  • By opting to pay a tuition using any available payment plans, you  are agreeing to the payment of tuition for the entire semester.  You  will be  liable for your registration agreement.
  • By registering your child for classes you are agreeing to payment of tuition for the entire semester.
  • There is a $30.00 fee charged to any check returned from the bank.

*There are no refunds or makeups for dance intensives, workshops, or  camps.