Established in 2006, Rose Academy of Ballet has a place for all who appreciate a fun, classical approach to dance training and dance education.

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Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, and Contemporary

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Students learn tap steps while they complement their emerging math skills as they build and break down simple and more complex rhythms.


This style borrows from tap, jazz music, and African rhythms. Dancers will be exposed to different variations of the genre including Broadway, Street, and Contemporary while focusing on the important elements such as isolations, performance quality, and rhythm patterns.


One of the most popular dance styles today, Hip-Hop derives from the streets of the Bronx and Brooklyn in the 1980s. This high energy type of dance incorporates styles of Capoeira, Jazz, Modern Dance, and so much more! Dancers will learn all the elements like grooving, popping, and animation, all while having fun!


We currently offer a Graham based class. This approach increases the natural movement associated with the breath  while promoting  strength and confidence. Fundamental principles in Graham Technique include contraction and release, opposition, shift of weight and spirals.


Contemporary dance is an expressive dance style that combines elements of several dance genres including jazz, modern, lyrical, and classical ballet.

Each style is its own program; a single course will cover only one of the above styles. You may enroll in more than one style.

Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Modern